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Empowering the Spirit of the Female Entrepreneur

"I am inviting you to unlearn and unleash.  Declutter your inner world. Realise your true purpose. Remove the blocks and the voices within holding you back from love, success, your freedom." - Elle Wilson

Your Dreams

Dream without limitation. Discover and implement the universal principles that end frustration and overwhelm.

Learn to unleash…

Your Relationships

Your life is shaped by your evolution. Your love is crafted by choice, not chance. Take back your power.

Deepen the love…

Your Family

Dismiss the chaos and silence the noise. Connect with the moment and open your heart to real, authentic connections.

Be real...

"...We live in a generation of people looking for easy.

'Experts' tend to complicate the simple while selling “easy” solutions to the hardest problems. This is different."

Extract from The Power Shift Foreword by

- Dr. Flint McGlaughlin 
Author, American Academic and Business Leader
M.A. in Philosophy and Theology


Build it Like Her

"You know those moments when everything is so easy? You have perfect clarity and it's as if the entire universe is on your side? That is your true loving nature shining 'her' light into your world. Her way of moving, working, loving, parenting, building her dreams is your way... Let me show you how." -Elle Wilson

She loves with her heart wide open. She speaks and her words matter. She moves with dignity, grace. She is respected. She is a deeper version of you. Become her.

Does she rock ruby lips and a blazer? She loves to live, to experience, to create and to have fun. She sleeps within. Wake her up with me.

Her children are her world. She lives to demonstrate to them a new way of living this life. She makes way for their future. They love her, they look up to her. She knows how to keep their bond strong. Let me show you how.

"I see you in all your glory. With all of your strengths."

Elle Wilson
Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, International Educator, Speaker, Branding and Business Coach, Life Mentor

Unlearn & Unleash

In a world where advice, information and theories are abundant, The Power Shift, is like a breath of fresh air, stepping away from the new age movement and seeing the real results of miracles and happiness in our homes and everyday lives.

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Get Inspired...

Daily with Elle Wilson

Dedicate a few morning minutes to your cup of coffee with a side of Elle. She’s real, she’s raw and she’ll keep you grounded throughout your day with wise tidbits and shakeable truths

Serving up a daily dose of Elle to be consumed as deeply and delightfully as your morning cuppa

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"I could not have gotten through this last year without Elle Wilson and her wisdom, truth, and clarity! We all need this book! It will change your life, personally and professionally. I’m almost through the first time and look forward to reading it again! Trust me. Read the Power Shift."

Valerie Schaubroeck

"Elle Wilson is the mentor every woman hopes for—wise, firm, gentle, intelligent, and experienced. While she’s a savvy businesswoman and successful entrepreneur, her exceptional quality is her ability to connect and listen. Her openness grants a feeling of safety, and while she’s given me numerous corrections and much advice, I’ve never once felt judged by her. We’ve never wallowed in my problems, though, and she’s always guided me firmly and gently towards progress and clarity."

Alice Shieh

"I must warn you, if you're not willing to unleash your true power and gain immediate change, then the Power Shift is not for you. She is raw and beautifully uncensored; incredibly honest about the climb to find her truth. You connect easily with your own challenges."

Kimberlee Grigas

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Life School with Elle Wilson - A Mentoring experience built on commitment. A commitment to yourself and your ownership of those three words... I Am Her. Life is not too busy to harness your power, your happiness. Let's open conversations about unlearning and removing all the blocks you have between you and the life you desire in your heart. Dismiss the chaos with me and choose the moment. I Am Her - say it aloud; feel the words in your body, experience them out in your world.


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